Welcome to Piece-Makers. We are a family run business, importing a small range of beautiful products sourced from around the world. Everything we sell is something we want to live with and use everyday. Our range is small because we believe in quality over quantity.

All our goods are available directly through our website or in person from our minuscule Havelock North showroom and we also supply a small handful of beautiful stores around New Zealand.

The collection is evolving and we are always on the look out for things that help us make the world and our lives a little more beautiful.



Our Team

Fiona Hosford


Boss-lady at Piece-Makers. Also maker, finder, sometimes interior stylist, coffee addict, eco-nerd, wife and lover of all things beautiful. Former owner and director of mid century design store Piece Ltd and founder of the Saturday morning Courtyard Pop-Ups (formerly the Piece-Makers Market)  in Havelock North.

Aaron Hosford


Principal graphic designer at Font Design Ltd. Our voice of reason. Permanently clad in Birkenstocks, Breton stripes and thick rimmed spectacles. Often found drinking coffee. 

Imogen & Elsa Hosford

Support Crew / our world

Our two super-cool daughters. Now aged 15 and 12, it was these two who persuaded me to take the leap and start importing the beautiful leather goods from Italy - mainly so I would have a reason to take them back there!


The Muse

It is Maggie's picture you see at the top there. Designed by Aaron at Font Design, she is our muse and inspiration. 
She spurns throw-awayism and is all about true beauty, the kind that does not fade with age but rather improves with the passing of time.