Mt Somers Blanket, Red Herringbone.

$225.00 $195.00

These beautifully soft lambs wool blankets from Mt Somers Station are 100% grown, spun and woven here in New Zealand.

Mt Somers Station is the family property of David and Kate Acland; together they run the 3800ha farm. The property runs from the Ashburton River at an altitude of 400m to the boundary of the Conservation park at the base of the Mountain, an altitude of 700m. 

Each year on Mt Somers Station around 15,000 lambs are born. All sheep remain outside on predominantly grass pastures for the entirety of their lives. The flock is Romney, a breed known for hardiness, resilience and, of course, wool.

Available in Herringbone weave and 5 colours.

180 x 150 cm.